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Key Takeaways: Survey Of 4,000 Health Plans On Behavioral Health’s Future

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Key Takeaways: Survey Of 4,000 Health Plans On Behavioral Health’s Future

Want the inside scoop on what payers are focused on? And insight into what’s in store for 2024? Join us for this one-of-a-kind survey presentation!1 Health plan innovations are listed by payer type occurring in the behavioral markets. Discover key developments in the behavioral health care industry. Learn how the guidebook results show present day and future trends affecting the behavioral health landscape.1

In this webinar, OPEN MINDS and PsychU will share results of the Trends in Behavioral Health 2023 Guidebook survey of over 4,000 executives in the health plan market. Our experts will:

  1. Show how the healthcare market is evolving at a fast pace.
  2. Discuss the key developments and innovations health plans are committing themselves to.
  3. Share the implications of the 2023 Guidebook survey results for the future of behavioral health care delivery and shaping clinical models.

About The Trends in Behavioral Health Series

The Trends in Behavioral Health guides provide information and insights into the multi-layered United States behavioral health system. They include in-depth view of current statistics, prevailing issues, and emerging trends in order to inform the discussions, debates, and decision-making of policy-makers, payers, providers, advocates and consumers. The complete Guides address current behavioral health care trends topics, including:
  • National policy shaping the U.S. health and human services market.
  • State behavioral health delivery systems that were created by a combination of historical practices, federal and state policy, and market factors over recent years.
  • Practices of health plans that manage both physical and behavioral health care for the vast majority of the U.S. population.
  • Consumer perspective of behavioral health care access and delivery of care.

The Guide Updates summarizes major changes occurring in the industry. These changes include high-level impacts of situations affecting behavioral health care, new trends, and policy changes.


1. Otsuka Market Access. (2023, April 26). 2023 trends in Behavioral Health: A Reference Guide on the US behavioral health financing & delivery system, 4th Edition. PsychU. https://openminds.com/guide-fourth-edition/


Monica E.-Oss

Monica E. Oss

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of OPEN MINDS

Monica E. Oss, M.S. is the founder of OPEN MINDS and serves as its chief executive officer, executive editor of its publications and web sites, and executive lead of its consulting engagements. For the past three decades, Ms. Oss has led the OPEN MINDS team and its research on health and human service market trends and its national consulting practice.  She is well known for her numerous books and articles focused on the strategic and marketing implications of the evolving health and human service field – and its focus on the verticals of the field serving consumers with chronic conditions and complex support needs.

Ms. Oss has extensive experience in developing and implementing growth strategies for a wide array of organizations in the field. She has expertise in industry trend analysis, in reimbursement and rate setting, and creating actionable plans for market success. In her role, she has led numerous engagements with state Medicaid plans, county governments, private insurers and health plans, service provider organizations, technology vendors, neurotechnology and pharmaceutical organizations, and investment banking firms – with a focus on the implications of financing changes on delivery system design.

Prior to founding OPEN MINDS, Ms. Oss served as an executive with a national managed behavioral health organization, with responsibility for market development and actuarial analysis and capitation-based rate setting. She also held a position as vice president of the U.S. risk management and underwriting division of an international insurance company.

Ms. Oss has been the keynote speaker at the conferences of dozens of national associations and has been published in a wide range of professional journals and trade publications. She has provided Congressional and state legislative testimony on issues as diverse as the financial impact of parity and payer medication access policies.

Ms. Oss has led a range of industry research and consultation initiatives, serving as principal investigator on research projects that include examination of national managed care enrollment and service patterns; development of provider rate structures for government entities; creation of return-on-investment models for technology investments; design of performance-based compensation models within public and private health plans; and analysis of the economic impact of changes in benefit design, adoption of evidence-based practices, and new technologies.
Paul M.-Duck

Paul M. Duck

Chief Strategy Officer, OPEN MINDS

Paul M. Duck brings over 30 years of experience in leadership and management focusing on managed care, health information technology organizations, strategy, business development, and market expansion, and customer experience optimization to the OPEN MINDS team.

Prior to joining OPEN MINDS, Mr. Duck served as the Vice President, Strategy & Development at Beacon Health Options. In this role, Mr. Duck led the organization’s strategy and business development efforts – responsible for a 30% increase in net revenue and initiated over $1 billion in revenue generation. Mr. Duck was active in national behavioral health initiatives as an executive of Beacon Health Options, including participating as a speaker at national and state association meetings.

Before joining Beacon Health Options, Mr. Duck was the Vice President of Business Development at Netsmart Technologies. During his tenure, Mr. Duck was responsible for business planning, including, the oversight of strategic activities including acquisitions, development, and execution of strategic initiatives, and positioning, and sales of large strategic customers. He also led the rollout of the company’s benchmarking and data analytics product suite.

Prior to Netsmart, Mr. Duck served as the Chief Executive Officer for Coastal Orthopedics and Pain Management, a large group practice with five clinic locations and two ambulatory surgical centers. As the organization’s chief executive officer, Mr. Duck was responsible for significant positive changes in leadership and corporate culture, financial and operational performance, compliance, and governance. Mr. Duck improved net collections by over $1 million per month and grew the practice through negotiating better contract rates with payers. He also implemented an organizational rebranding initiative and launched a new marketing campaign.

Prior to Coastal Orthopedics and Pain Management, Mr. Duck served as the President and Chief Executive Officer for Florida Radiology Imaging, one of the largest outpatient diagnostic imaging service companies serving the greater Orlando market. During his tenure, Mr. Duck led the construction of three new, full modality, diagnostic imaging locations. Mr. Duck revolutionized the company’s culture by creating a highly attractive and functional work environment.

Mr. Duck earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Case Western Reserve University. He earned his Associate of Arts in Electronic Engineering Technology from the Electronic Technology Institute. Mr. Duck received an award by Inc. (magazine) for leading Florida Radiology Imaging as one of America’s fastest-growing companies. Mr. Duck recently served as a contributing author to the book The New Health Age: The Future of Health Care in America.

Madeline Shurtleff, PharmD (OPDC)

Managed Market Liaison

Dr. Shurtleff is a clinical pharmacist with experience in managed care and retail pharmacy. She has extensive knowledge in Medicaid and Medicare pharmacy operations and regulatory requirements. Dr. Shurtleff received her Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), Business Minor, and Leadership Minor from the University of Rhode Island. She is a licensed pharmacist in Illinois and Arizona.

Monica Oss and Paul Duck are paid consultants of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc. (OPDC).
Madeline Shurtlett is an employee of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc. (OPDC).


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