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Each month, the PsychU Spotlight highlights the most important topics and most recent innovations in mental health. The collection includes carefully curated resources to keep our members up-to-date on the latest in mental health care.

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Measuring Quality & Outcomes

Defining quality, determining key-performance indicators (KPIs) for outcomes, and implementing routine processes that encourage comprehensive and continual measurement of those KPIs continues to be a challenge for the mental health field. However, demonstrating quality and positive outcomes is important at both the provider and organizational level. For providers, validated, reliable measurement-based tools, particularly when incorporated into technological solutions, can enhance treatment decisions. Additionally, being able to share objective data with patients can guide communication about the value and quality of provided treatments. For organizations, being able to systematically capture and analyze data can demonstrate value to payers. And, as behavioral health care shifts toward more value-based models of reimbursement and encourages transparency to inform patient choices, measurement-based care, and measuring quality and outcomes has become even more essential to behavioral health care for both providers and organizations.

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