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Each month, the PsychU Spotlight highlights the most important topics and most recent innovations in mental health. The collection includes carefully curated resources to keep our members up-to-date on the latest in mental health care.

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Mental Wellness Across the Lifespan: A Series to Celebrate Mental Health Awareness

In the United States, millions of Americans are impacted by mental illness and/or substance abuse. The month of May was designated as National Mental Health Month in 1949 to raise awareness on the importance of mental health and celebrate recovery from mental illness. PsychU joins the national movement to raise awareness by hosting a series on Mental Wellness Across the Lifespan. The series will include perspectives from health care providers, advocacy organizations, individuals with lived experience, and leaders across behavioral health, including voices from some of our supporting organizations. Together, we will share some of the incredible work being done and resources available for specific age groups across the lifespan, as well as other at-risk populations.

Did You Know?

Support is crucial for mental health throughout the lifespan. However, different types of support are needed depending on age. Studies have shown that community integration is crucial later in life, while functional support is more important for those earlier in life.


Schönfeld, P., Brailovskaia, J., & Margraf, J. (2017). Positive and negative mental health across the lifespan: A cross-cultural comparison. International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, 17(3), 197–206. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijchp.2017.06.003

First episodes of mental disorder occur in mid- to late adolescence and young adulthood. 55% of the disease burden is attributed to mental disorders in those 16-25.


National Council For Behavioral Health. (2015, October). FIRST EPISODE PSYCHOSIS (FEP) [PDF]. National Council For Behavioral Health. https://www.thenationalcouncil.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/EarlyOnset_V11.pdf?daf=375ateTbd56

The pandemic has affected the entire spectrum of the population. In a recent study, poor mental health was reported in 36% of those self-isolating compared to 25% pre-pandemic. Two of the groups that were associated with poorer mental health were those with physical multimorbidity and younger age groups.


PsychU. (2020, September 12). COVID-19 Non-Physical Symptoms: The Effects On Anxiety, Depression & Mental Well-Being. https://www.psychu.org/covid-19-non-physical-symptoms-the-effects-on-anxiety-depression-mental-well-being/

Annual Theme

New Models of Delivering Mental Health Care – Post-Pandemic Care  – Innovations in Care Delivery – Integrated Care Delivery – Consumer Empowerment – Innovation – Technology – Mental Health Science – Quality of Care – & More… Transforming care delivery is about building new models of integrated care for improved and accessible treatments in person-centered health and outcomes. Join in the dialogue as the industry continues the transformation of care delivery.

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