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September Suicide Awareness & Stigma Month

The rise in suicide rates in recent years1,3 has placed the issues of suicide awareness and stigma at the forefront of many behavioral health discussions. A deeper understanding of the underlying causes and effective treatments is paramount now more than ever.

Stigma often acts as a barrier, hindering genuine empathy and understanding for those battling mental health challenges, as well as their family members2. As healthcare professionals, championing education and awareness is essential to address this crisis with informed and compassionate decision-making.3 For a comprehensive insight into suicide awareness and stigma, we invite you to explore the PsychU Spotlight resources listed below.

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Did You Know?

Suicide attempts rose 651% for those with serious psychological distress in data from 2008-2019.


(2023, May 31). Mental health Crisis infographic – PsychU. PsychU. https://psychu.org/mental-health-crisis-infographic/

The likelihood of having a suicide incident is 69% lower for outpatient mental health clinics that adhere to “Zero Suicide” practices.


(2023b, May 31). Suicide Awareness & Prevention Infographic – PsychU. PsychU. https://psychu.org/suicide-awareness-prevention-infographic/

Suicide deaths are increasing at the highest rate among younger people, people of color, and those who live in rural areas.


A look at the latest suicide data and change over the last decade. (2023, August 21). KFF. https://www.kff.org/mental-health/issue-brief/a-look-at-the-latest-suicide-data-and-change-over-the-last-decade/

Annual Theme

Creating Balance- Innovations in Care Delivery – Integrated Care Delivery – Embracing Support– Innovation – Digital Health – Quality of Care – Patient-Centered Care – Social Determinants of Health & More… This year, striving for mental wellness focuses on a future in which individuals with mental or substance use problems pursue health, happiness, recovery, and a life of quality. Join in the dialogue as the industry strives for mental wellness. #JoinTheConversation this year as #PsychU focuses in on Striving for Mental Wellness.

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