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Digital Health Is The Bridge:
How Do We Build It?

Digital health is a buzz word we have been hearing since before the 2020 pandemic. Despite the talk, it takes 17 years on average for a new innovation to reach just 50% of the health care delivery system.1 However, since the pandemic of 2020, there has been significant investment in the digital health sector to the likes of which we have never seen. By July 2021, digital health investments exceeded all of 2020. Among all digital health investments, mental health was the main driver realizing over $5.1 billion on it’s own. 2 Even with the investments, we do not often see the funding filtering directly to providers to impact care at the level we would expect. Consumers are not satisfied with their digital health experience. In 2022, Optum surveyed over 1,000 health care consumers and found only 16% said they could schedule care online through a website or app with their current plan or provider. Just 57% of respondents said they felt satisfied with their ability to schedule telehealth appointments. 3 Digital health is being adopted by new players and competition entering the market. 4 With staffing issues, geographical reach, and limited cash on hand; how are health and human service organizations implementing and executing digital health strategies successfully? This month’s spotlight features organizations that layout a path to follow into the digital future of health. It also features research and case studies on the impact digital health tools can have on providers, payers, and the consumer.

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Did You Know?

There are many, but we see 4 primary digital treatment strategies when it comes to serious mental illness (SMI). 1. Telepsychiatry 2. Digital monitoring and assessment 3. Medication adherence technologies 4. Digital intervention tools



Investments in technology for mental health treatment grew 2.5 times year over year from $0.5 billion in 2017 to $5.1 billion in 2021.



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Creating Balance- Innovations in Care Delivery – Integrated Care Delivery – Embracing Support– Innovation – Digital Health – Quality of Care – Patient-Centered Care – Social Determinants of Health & More…

This year, striving for mental wellness focuses on a future in which individuals with mental or substance use problems pursue health, happiness, recovery, and a life of quality. Join in the dialogue as the industry strives for mental wellness.

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