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Each month, the PsychU Spotlight highlights the most important topics and most recent innovations in mental health. The collection includes carefully curated resources to keep our members up-to-date on the latest in mental health care.

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Women’s Mental Health

In the last year, more than 20% of women experienced a mental illness.1 While overall rates of psychiatric disorders are similar for men and women, there are sex-specific variations in risk factors, presentation, and course of mental illness.2,3 Therefore, when assessing, diagnosing, and treating mental health among women, practitioners need to account for myriad considerations. By promoting and implementing health policies that address women’s health concerns holistically, practitioners can help to decrease the total burden that behavioral health conditions impose to the health care system, and to women around the globe. Women can, and do, experience mental illness in unique ways when compared with their male counterparts. But what sex-specific differences are most important to addressing mental health among female patients? Those related to genetics? Inflammation? Interpersonal processes? Neuroanatomy / neurochemistry? And what implications do gender variations in mental illness have on women’s treatment response? Explore more about women’s mental health with PsychU in this month’s Spotlight.

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