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Tackling Behavioral Health Provider Shortages: Health Plan Strategies From Access To Engagement

Given the growing demand and shrinking availability of clinical professionals – both psychiatrists and allied health providers such as social workers and psychologists – health plans are challenged to assure timely access to care. A misconception is this is a challenge only in rural markets, but many urban markets are also feeling the pinch across all types of clinical professionals.

During this webinar, William Wood, MD, PhD, Former Managing Medical Director at Anthem and Deb Adler, MS, CPQH, Former Senior Vice President of Network Strategy at Optum, shares key strategies health plans use to tackle the shortage of clinical professionals and improve consumer engagement at the same time. Topics covered include how health plans overcome challenges to access and engagement with innovation and technology, and examples of access and engagement enhancements from a payer perspective.

Check out the follow up Q&A with the speakers:

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