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The PsychU community is comprised of over 82,000 physicians, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, clinicians, care managers, nurses, pharmacists, medical directors, payers, administrators, and other mental health care professionals dedicated to improving the future of mental health care through information, discussion, and collaboration.

Improving mental health care… together

PsychU is a free community and online resource library for mental health. Our members share one simple belief: Enhanced information, increased collaboration, and ongoing discussion will lead to improved mental health care and patient outcomes for individuals with mental illnesses.

PsychU is one community comprised of thousands of professionals who provide, regulate, or administer mental health services in a variety of capacities.

The PsychU Community is guided by our team of distinguished thought leaders who serve as expert advisors. Their varying specialties, experiences, and expertise help shape the conversations and content featured on PsychU. View PsychU’s complete listing of Section Advisors.

The PsychU community includes a team of clinical research professionals who specialize in translating scientific and medical information to a broad range of stakeholder organizations in the mental health field. This team of experienced Medical Science Liaisons (MSL) and Managed Markets Liaisons (MML) are employees or contractors of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc. and are available to deliver live presentations for your organization. – View PsychU’s complete Field Medical Affairs Team

PsychU provides a platform to spotlight perspectives and experiences across the behavioral health field — from innovative clinical professionals and experienced executives to community leaders and advocates. Hear from speakers and organizations helping to improve the lives of individuals with mental health needs.

Here is a list of our speakers for 2023:

    • Caleb Adler, MD
    • Marc Agronin, MD
    • George Alexopoulos, MD
    • David Block, MD
    • Karah Brashier, DNP, NP
    • Steven Chen, PharmD
    • Yadagiri Chepuru, MD
    • Christine Costa, PhD
    • Bennett Doughty, PharmD, BCPS, BCPP
    • Joseph Goldberg, MD
    • Joel Holiner, MD
    • Saundra Jain, PsyD
    • Catherine Judd,PA
    • Darcy Leon, APRN,NP
    • Jonathan Lockhart, MD
    • Heather Luing, MD
    • Rodrigo Machado-Veira, MD, PhD
    • Antone Massey, MS
    • Robert McCarron, DO
    • Douglas McLaughlin, DO
    • Karthi Namasivayam, MD
    • David Purselle, MD
    • Sanjai Rao, MD
    • Leon Ravin, MD
    • Lawrence Reccoppa, MD
    • Chet Robachinski, MD
    • Stephen Saklad, PharmD
    • Salvatore Savatta, MD
    • Steven Stoner, PharmD
    • Marci Sturgeon-Rusiewicz, MS, NCC, LPC, CPRP, CPSS
    • Michael Townsend, LCSW
    • Richard Weisler, MD
    • William Wirshing, MD


Psychu Membership

This easily searchable online library contains thousands of resources on the latest mental health care developments, research, innovative programs, decision support tools, psychiatric scales, market trends, and more.

New resources are posted each week, many of which are highlighted in the PsychU community newsletters emailed to our members. Our extensive library allows users to select the topics, media and types of resources they are most interested in, all in one convenient location – The PsychU Resource Library

PsychU events are designed to provide a platform for discussion and a place to share knowledge and ideas about the latest information on mental health treatment. From online web briefings, to live events taking place throughout the country, PsychU events provide opportunities to learn about best practices in treatment, innovative ideas from other clinicians, management and operations advice, and the latest industry trends effecting the delivery of mental health services. – View All Upcoming Events

Our Supporting Organizations

PsychU is supported by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc. (OPDC), Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. (OAPI), and Lundbeck LLC, and is managed by OPEN MINDS – committed supporters of the mental health treatment community. Editorial development and support for PsychU is provided by OPDC, Oxford PharmaGenesis, Inc., MedThink SciCom, a division of MedThink, Inc., and OPEN MINDS, who have been compensated for their services.

Through the exchange of information, experience, and ideas, PsychU aims to shift the current trajectory of mental health care and improve the future outlook for individuals with mental illnesses. The following organizations share this vision, and stand alongside PsychU as contributing partners and supporters.

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