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Schizophrenia Mortality Rate 14% Over 20 Years, Compared To 4% In General Population

Schizophrenia Mortality Rate 14% Over 20 Years, Compared To 4% In General Population

People diagnosed with schizophrenia spectrum disorders had a higher mortality rate over 20 years than the general population at 14.2% compared to 4.4%. In a longitudinal study of 578 people who were assessed over 20 years after their first diagnosis of schizophrenia, 82 died. The most common cause of death…
Digital Health Disconnect

Digital Health Disconnect

There has been an avalanche of investment in digital health technology over the past decade. In the past ten years, $104 billion has been invested in digital health. Just in the past quarter, U.S.-based digital health startups raised $2.5 billion in 119 separate deals. While the number is large, this was…

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