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Shared Decision Making: A Resource For Consumers

This resource introduces consumers to shared decision making and the important role they play in the process. Tips are provided to  help patients engage more actively. Frameworks resources are intended for… Read More

Neurocircuitry Of Depression

During this on-demand webinar our speakers begin with a brief overview of the history of neurocircuitry therapeutics and finish up with providing insights on the future of precision psychiatry. Read More

Telehealth User Satisfaction Is High

User satisfaction is high among consumers who have used telehealth services, according to a J.D. Power survey. The overall customer satisfaction score for telehealth services is 851 (on a 1,000-point… Read More

Suicide Awareness & Prevention

Dr. Nicole Meade discusses suicide awareness and prevention, a topic that is extremely important to our community. Dr. Meade examines suicide statistics and terminology, such as why the phrase “committed… Read More