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Lean Into Mindfulness

What do mindfulness and organizational change have in common? More than you might think. At The 2019 OPEN MINDS Executive Leadership Retreat, Monica Oss closed the retreat with her keynote,… Read More

How To Avoid Digital Culture Shock

Change of any kind can be difficult, but any change that meets with resistance from any level of an organization can quickly become impossible—something we’ve written about before (see Challenges… Read More

Managing Your Team To ‘Tech Savvy’

Our team has written before about the importance of technology adoption to future competitive advantage and sustainability in the field. There is technology to facilitate better clinical decision making (see… Read More

Addiction By The Numbers

How should addiction treatment programs be evaluated? That was the focus of the session, Quality Measurement In Addiction Treatment: Advancing Adoption Of Best Practices, at The 2019 OPEN MINDS Management… Read More

Ready To Collect More Cash?

Copayments and deductibles used to be a small issue. The $1 here or $20 there. Not anymore. Consumers now pay 30% of total health care costs.1 There are now health… Read More

Digital Interventions In Psychiatry: Part 2

In this short presentation, hear from Fatima Sadat, PharmD, as she reviews different types of digital technology that may provide tools for the assessment or management of mental health treatment.… Read More

The ‘Melting’ Value Chain

This week, a recent conference was wrapped with an executive session, “Reinventing Health & Human Service Organizations For A Value-Based World: Transformational Leadership Required!,” focused on the likely changes ahead… Read More

Meet The Treatment Team: Psychologists

In this interview, Elizabeth DiNapoli, PhD, Medical Science Liaison, sat down to discuss the role a psychologist may play on the treatment team of individuals with mental illness. Meet the other… Read More

The Catch-22 Of Charity Care

The question of whether tax-exempt non-profit health care organizations provide enough “community benefit” has turned into one of our more popular conversations this year, following my coverage of the latest… Read More

Payer, Provider, Partner

We’re at the stage where the field is moving from talk to action on value-based reimbursement (VBR) and health plan/provider partnerships. While our January survey found only 40% of specialty… Read More

Be Ethical Or Be Regulated

While everyone complains about regulation, many times the purpose of regulation makes perfect sense. I think this is the case with new regulations in Florida focused on addiction treatment providers.… Read More

Lifestyle Changes Are Effective For Preventing Dementia

Healthier lifestyles are associated with declining prevalence of cognitive impairment and dementia. Furthermore, specific lifestyle changes are effective for preventing dementia, including increasing education in early life, increasing physical activity… Read More

Opinions On The Treatment Of MDD

As part of PsychU’s growth and prominence in the mental health community, three large panel presentations were conducted in New York City, Raleigh, NC, and the Los Angeles area discussing… Read More

Fraud Front & Center

“If you worked for me, you’d be fired this afternoon.” That was a quote from Representative Chris Collins (R-N.Y.), speaking to Dr. Shantanu Agrawal, deputy administrator and director of the… Read More

Keys To Marketing To Millennial Consumers

Millennials – the approximately 80 million people 18 to 35 years old (born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s) – do things differently. They donate differently, they expect… Read More

The Urgent Care Opportunity

“Urgent care” for behavioral health is in demand. Why? Mental health admissions are still proving a big proportion of hospitalizations. In 2010, expenses for hospital inpatient stays accounted for nearly one-third of… Read More