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Peer Support – The Next Generation

There are a number of new developments in the use of peer services spurring provider organization innovations. California is establishing a new peer support specialist certification program under Medi-Cal. And… Read More

How To Engage Older Adults With Digital Health

The Covid-19 public health emergency has changed the landscape of healthcare service delivery. Healthcare service providers have had to pivot rapidly to new and different treatment modalities while serving patients… Read More

Digital Technologies For Bipolar Disorder

Please join us for this discussion providing an overview of the use of digital technologies in bipolar disorder. Dr Goulding will discuss unmet needs in bipolar disorder, how digital technologies… Read More

Digital Technologies For Schizophrenia

Dr. Brian Kirkpatrick, MD, MSPH, Chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, discusses the role digital technology plays in the treatment of… Read More

Technology Update: Impacts On Treatment

Technology’s impact on mental health care service delivery is often lauded, but what’s the evidence thus far? Artificial intelligence, machine learning, neuro-linguistic programming therapy, and blockchain: What have they done… Read More

Telemedicine & Medication Adherence

Nonadherence to psychotropic medication is one of the major obstacles when treating mental illnesses. Approximately 60% of individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia discontinue their medication within 90 days of prescription. For… Read More

Cedar Gate Technologies Acquires Citra Health Solutions

Cedar Gate Technologies (Cedar Gate), a leading value-based care performance management company, announced its acquisition of Citra Health Solutions (Citra), a capitation management software solutions provider organization. By acquiring Citra,… Read More

Unite Us Acquires Staple Health

United Us announced that Staple Health will join its growing data analytics team through the recent acquisition of the company. Founded in 2017, Staple Health combines in-house predictive analytics and… Read More

Privacy & Security In Digital Health

In this presentation, Dr. Mona Sobhani, PhD, Director of Research and Operations USC Center for Body Computing, Los Angeles, California, discusses the importance of privacy and security of health information,… Read More

Role Of Pharmacogenetics Testing In Psychiatry

Joseph Goldberg, MD, and Lisa Goldstone, PharmD, MS, discuss the benefits and limitations of pharmacogenetics testing on current psychiatric practice based on recent evidence from clinical trials as well as… Read More

Digital Endpoints & Medication Optimization

In this presentation Dr. Timothy Aungst, Associate Professor of Pharmacy at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, discusses the importance of medication optimization and digital technology. Dr. Aungst… Read More

COVID-19 & Your Mental Health

Provided with permission from Mental Health America, a PsychU Supporting Organization. To learn more about MHA, please visit their website at http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net. Read More

Digital Health Glossary

Adaptive algorithms An area of artificial intelligence, where algorithms can continue to learn and evolve over time.1 Advanced analytics A device or product that can identify, analyze, and use large… Read More

Telepsychiatry: Implementation & Best Practices

Dr. Mehdi Qalbani discusses his experience providing telepsychiatry in the Information Age. Topics include regulatory concerns, practice guidelines, and web-side manner when working remotely. Mehdi Qalbani, MD, MSPH, is the… Read More

Mental Health In The COVID-19 Era

The news about COVID-19 is relentless: an ever-escalating number of confirmed cases, portents of economic meltdown, ominous images of barren public spaces. Most people find it stressful to be surrounded… Read More

Adherence & The Role For New Technologies

Nonadherence to medication is a serious problem in mental health care. In this webinar, Dawn Velligan, PhD, and Craig Chepke, MD, will discuss the current state of adherence and the… Read More

PsychU 360 Magazine

PsychU 360 – January 2020 Despite vast improvements in diagnosis and treatment over the last half-century, mental illness is underdiagnosed and undertreated. The reasons are many and varied. Among them:… Read More

Telehealth Lessons Learned

Adding telehealth services becomes an attractive solution as provider organizations are held to access-to-care metrics in value-based reimbursement contracts (see Telehealth Gains Popularity—Telehealth Budgets Don’t). And since the feds have… Read More

Telehealth User Satisfaction Is High

User satisfaction is high among consumers who have used telehealth services, according to a J.D. Power survey. The overall customer satisfaction score for telehealth services is 851 (on a 1,000-point… Read More

Health Plans Invest In Consumer Engagement

Health plan interest in strategies to improve consumer engagement is on the rise. And for good reason: Engaged consumers have better health outcomes and use fewer resources (see Making Consumer… Read More

What Are Health Plans Doing About Access?

Consumer access to care remains a ‘top of mind’ issue—from access to psychiatrists, waiting lists for treatment programs, and follow-up appointments with therapists. Executives realize that care delayed is often… Read More

Augmented Intelligence In The Here & Now

Bring up the concept of artificial intelligence (AI)—sometimes referred to as augmented intelligence—in a room full of health and human service executives and the reactions are usually “interesting but nothing… Read More

How To Avoid Digital Culture Shock

Change of any kind can be difficult, but any change that meets with resistance from any level of an organization can quickly become impossible—something we’ve written about before (see Challenges… Read More

The Top Health Plan Digital Health Tools

Provider organization executive teams will face some important decisions over the next five years regarding tech investments. The issue is that there are so many tech products—and every organization (no… Read More

Managing Your Team To ‘Tech Savvy’

Our team has written before about the importance of technology adoption to future competitive advantage and sustainability in the field. There is technology to facilitate better clinical decision making (see… Read More

ACO Data Sharing For Care Coordination Is Incomplete

Medicare accountable care organizations (ACOs) that have participating provider organizations using a variety of electronic health record systems (EHRs) face care coordination challenges due to incomplete data sharing. Because their… Read More

Start Small. Think Big. Target Strategically.

“Start small. Think big. Target strategically.” That was advice that Lynda M. Zeller, Senior Program Officer, Behavioral Health, Michigan Health Endowment Fund gave to health and human service executives trying… Read More

4 Keys To Make New Tech Work

Earlier this month, the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs introduced new legislation to create third-party oversight of the Department of Veteran’s Affairs’ (VA) implementation of Cerner as the system’s… Read More

New Consumer Rights To Data = New IT Challenges

The good news: 84% of specialty provider organizations have an electronic health record (EHR). The bad? Hardly any specialty provider organizations have health information exchange (HIE) capabilities—at last count, less… Read More

What’s Wrong With Patient Portals?

Patient portals aren’t getting the traffic that they should. That was my takeaway from the report, “HHS Should Assess the Effectiveness of Its Efforts to Enhance Patient Access to and Use… Read More

Overcoming The Virtual Health Paradox

The headlines tell us that telehealth (or digital health or virtual health, or whatever you call it) is going to remake health and human service delivery—Virtual Mental Health Delivery Systems… Read More

Is There Value In Staffing Ratios?

Where do mandated staffing ratios fit in value-based care? Do lower staffing ratios for clinical professionals improve the quality of care? The data isn’t clear about the benefits of lower… Read More

Keeping Consumers Engaged—The ‘How To’

Consumer engagement is top of mind for many reasons. Engaged consumers are consumers who have a better “experience.” Engaged consumers are activated consumers who take part in managing their health.… Read More

Digital Interventions In Psychiatry: Part 2

In this short presentation, hear from Fatima Sadat, PharmD, as she reviews different types of digital technology that may provide tools for the assessment or management of mental health treatment.… Read More

A Big Opportunity For Someone

For all the discussion about the cost of chronic diseases—and their increasing prevalence—not much is happening. Or so it would seem. We recently reported on chronic disease management in the… Read More

Five Rules For Building An Effective KPI System

More competition and more value-based reimbursement (VBR) are making performance management more important for health and human service management teams—they need to run business operations, track and correct staff performance,… Read More

Smartphone Effects On Mental Health

In this short presentation, hear from Steven Stoner, PharmD, BCPP, as he discusses the use of technology in the United States and the potential positive and negative impacts of smartphone… Read More

Crossing The Digital Health Chasm

Will “digital” remake health care like it has book selling, travel, food delivery, and transportation? It should, but the health and human service field is not exactly like other areas… Read More

Medication Adherence In The Digital Age

In this short presentation, hear from Dawn Velligan, PhD, as she discusses suboptimal outcomes and nonadherence in serious mental illness, reasons for nonadherence, methods for measuring adherence to mental health… Read More

Training Is Key To Getting Tech ROI

“Everyone wants change, but no one wants TO BE changed. Part of user adoption is connecting this full circle and getting people to use the technology.” – Matthew Chamberlain, Chief… Read More

Is It Privacy Versus Convenience?

Earlier this year, we reported on consumer use of telehealth and other digital health platforms (see Telehealth Gains Popularity, Telehealth Budgets Don’t). The quick take—about 18% of consumers have used… Read More

Are You Strategically Interoperable?

Here’s a quick question—what do artificial intelligence, virtual health, digital consumer engagement, and value-based contracting all have in common? The answer—all of them require interoperability for realizing a return-on-investment (ROI).… Read More

Failure To Launch

At a recent institute, the focus was trying to speed up the technology adoption curve in the health and human service field so existing organizations have a chance to beat… Read More

What Should Your Organization Be Spending On Tech?

My takeaways from the a recent institute were many. Consumer engagement improves performance and consumer engagement technology makes that affordable. There are many technology options available. And that consumers and… Read More

‘Productizing’ Services For Competitive Success

How do traditional health and human service provider organizations compete with the new “packaged” services developed for sale either direct-to-consumer or to health plans? Learning to “productize” (which involves digitizing)… Read More

Building Your Foundation & Your Castle

The health and human service world is changing and it’s changing fast. New technology, new and different competitors, and new financing models (see The ‘Melting’ Value Chain) are reshaping the market… Read More

How Consumer Engagement Is Reshaping Service Delivery

Consumers expect three things from technology: convenience, affordability, and quality service. This morning OPEN MINDS Senior Associate, Deb Adler opened a recent summit with this concept. These consumer preferences, which mirror payer… Read More

Your Digital Tech Integration Checklist

Thinking about implementing digital technology into your service lines? I think for most provider organizations, hybrid services (part face-to-face, part digital) will be essential—both to address consumer demands and to… Read More

Workforce Problems? Technology As Strategy

Every meeting of health and human service managers ends up, at some point, talking about “the workforce problem”—the shortage of psychiatrists, the shortage of nurse practitioners, the shortage of direct… Read More

First Telehealth—Now Virtual Health

Over 250 executives gathered in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for The 2018 OPEN MINDS Executive Leadership Retreat. The first half of the retreat was all about developing new partnerships and new models… Read More

HIE 3.0?

Less than half of specialty provider organizations have health information exchange (HIE) capabilities and less than a third use clinical decision support tools or population health management tools (see IT… Read More

Getting ‘Engagement’ From Your EHR

For the most part, executives of health and human service organizations haven’t viewed electronic health records (EHR) as a tool for improving staff satisfaction or consumer engagement. Most of the… Read More

Tech Management As Executive Competency

Technology is now critical to the strategy of health and human service organizations—both managing the analytics derived from tech-enabled systems and embedding technology in the service delivery process. Because it… Read More

Getting That Return On Your Tech Investment

The reality of our present market is that for most service provider organizations, the use of technology rarely rises above the level of “basic adoption”—or the minimum tech investments that… Read More

82% Of Consumers Use Online Physician Reviews

Approximately 82% of health care consumers use online physician reviews for care decisions and treatment options. About 57% report using online reviews “often” or “sometimes”. In 2013, about 25% of… Read More

TMS 10 Years Later

I’m always a fan of new treatment technologies. Each new treatment technology (whether a new medication, new clinical practice, new device, new app) represents more options for consumers and pushes… Read More

Getting More From Your EHR

Do electronic health record systems (EHRs) reduce costs? It depends on who you ask. In a recent survey, 1,100 health care professionals were asked to assess the digital return on… Read More

Do You Have A Leadership Strategy For Tech ROI?

The trajectory for technology spending by health and human service organizations continues to increase. In 2015, information technology (IT) spending among health care provider organizations was approximately $8 billion and… Read More

Can Uber & Lyft Answer The No-Show Problem?

A couple weeks ago, I looked at the pending revolution in non-emergency health care transportation (NEMT). It’s an important revolution because Medicaid alone spent an estimated $2.9 billion on NEMT… Read More

Don’t Let The Big Disruptors Out Of Your Sight

Last fall, Andrew Wright, the Vice President, Digital Medicine for Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, identified Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook as organizations in the tech sector poised to change health… Read More

Getting Ready For The Era Of Telehealth

There has been a substantial increase in the number of organizations using telehealth technologies. For organizations over $25 million in revenue, 44% are using telehealth technologies, compared to 15% just… Read More

The Missing Numbers

We spend a lot of time putting together metrics that track what’s happening in the sectors of the health and human service field serving the most complex consumers. Over just… Read More

Structuring (& Budgeting For) Analytics

The ability to use data in strategic decision-making is one of the key competitive advantage differentiators in health and human services. As more consumer and population health data becomes available,… Read More

Preparing For Your ‘Augmented’ Workforce

I’ve always been interested in Ray Kurzweil’s concept of singularity—that superior man/machine merger. In a recent presentation, he predicted the date for this convergence as 2045. 2045 may seem too… Read More

Can You Teach A Fish To Climb A Tree?

Well, the mega merger news is in—CVS is purchasing Aetna. And at this point, I don’t even want to think about this headline—Wal-Mart May Buy Humana to Combat CVS- Aetna.… Read More

The Change Iceberg

Keeping pace with the changing health and human service market is a bit like an iceberg. That was my conclusion from a Technology & Informatics Institute session, “Preparing For The Future… Read More

IT Spending Follows The Money

It’s no surprise—recently-released market research finds that provider technology investment is being driven by value-based reimbursement (VBR). Investment in technologies that supports value-based care will grow 34% over the next… Read More

Connecting The Dots—Sustainability & Tech Leverage

A previous conference was packed full of new and neat technology—smartphone GPS monitoring for addiction treatment, wearables and invisibles, data integration platforms for improving care coordination and clinical decision support,… Read More

The Future Is Now

Martha Temple, Senior Vice President and head of Behavioral Health Services at Optum, gave me a lot to think about during her keynote presentation, The Future Of Health Plan/Provider Organization… Read More

Even ‘Change Management’ Is Changing

Last week at a recent conference, our team was in full “tech immersion”. But my big takeaway was less about the technology itself and more about changing how organizations use… Read More

Telehealth Billing – Easier Than You Think?

The session on telehealth earlier this week was timely. A 2017 technology survey found that telehealth adoption by specialty provider organizations grew by more than 20 percentage points for both… Read More

Making Your Clinical Team Data Driven

Sustainability requires improved organizational performance and improved value to our customer. But shifting organizational culture to one that is data driven and can use metrics-based management tools is a challenge… Read More

Telehealth Is Remaking More Than Therapy

I think telehealth services will be a major disruptor of the health and human service system—online therapy, remote consultations, virtual follow-up groups, and more (see Employer Health Plans Pushing Telehealth… Read More

Your Data Security Deserves A Second Look

A couple of weeks ago, my colleague Sharon Hicks took a hard look at the state of digital security – specifically how high-level demands for interoperability and health information exchange… Read More

A Mosaic Solution To The Opioid Challenge

When Mario San Bartolomé, M.D., MBA the Corporate Medical Director, Substance Use Disorders for Molina Healthcare, Inc. wrapped up his opening keynote remarks earlier this month at a conference I… Read More

The Top Priorities For Innovation Are…

In a time of disruption – both financial and technological – the ability to innovate is key to the sustainability of health and human service organizations. Typically, these innovations are… Read More

Suspend Everything You Know

“Suspend everything you know and reimagine your business. Can you be the Uber of behavioral health and transform your business model?” – Ravi Ganesan, President & CEO, Core Solutions, Inc.… Read More

Smartphone Applications For Mental Health

Key Messages As little research has been done to characterize the information available to users of mental health-related smartphone applications (apps), the authors performed a content analysis of descriptions of… Read More

Wellspan Launches New Electronic Health Record

Wellspan Health (Wellspan), an integrated health network in south-central Pennsylvania, has launched a new electronic health record system for two of its four service counties, with plans to integrate the… Read More

A ‘Perfect Storm’ For Telemental Health

Right now, we’re seeing a perfect storm for growth in telemental health, and it’s due to a combination of three factors: a workforce shortage of psychiatrists, consistently good outcomes for… Read More

Do You Need An EHR ‘Makeover’?

The majority of provider organizations have invested in an electronic health record (EHR). But there appears to be room for improvement. Health care professionals are increasingly voicing frustration with their… Read More

GlobalMed Acquires Telemedicine Startup TreatMD

GlobalMed, a telemedicine company that creates hardware and software for site-to-site telemedicine, has acquired TreatMD, a telemedicine company that connects consumers and physicians worldwide through an on-demand electronic health care… Read More

Health Tech That Will Change Our Lives

It’s that time of year again: Over the past few weeks, we’ve reviewed some of the most-read articles from the OPEN MINDS team in 2016, and I’ve been keeping an… Read More

New Doppel Wearable Actively Alters Mood

London-based technology start-up, doppel, has introduced a new wearable that helps users stay naturally alert or calm down as they wear it. The device uses the body’s natural rhythmic response… Read More

Optum Offers New Analytics-As-A-Service In 2017

Optum will unveil their newest analytics-as-a-service offering at the 2017 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society conference, a gathering of more than 40,000 health IT professionals, clinicians, executives, and vendors from… Read More

PA Governor & DHS Launch Mobile App For Residents

Governor Wolf’s Office of Transformation, Innovation, Management and Efficiency (GO-TIME) and the Department of Human Services (DHS) have launched myCOMPASS PA: a mobile app for Pennsylvania residents who have applied… Read More

Your Roadmap To Interoperability

The continued rise of data as the currency of the future continues bringing with it both strategic opportunity and challenges. Meeting those challenges is a must for any organization that… Read More

Arizona Pilot Care Management App Launched

Arizona Connected Care (AzCC), an accountable care organization (ACO) has partnered with The Diary Corp., a technology company developing innovative mobile health (mHealth) solutions to implement The Diary CarePro, a comprehensive… Read More

You Have An EHR, But Can You Share Data?

There has been a policy push for provider organizations to adopt electronic health record systems (EHRs) since 2009. The rationale was simple – we would require (and incentivize) provider organizations… Read More

Going ‘Over The Rainbow’ To Tech Oz

Greetings from a surprisingly sunny and warm Washington, D.C.! We’ve had an amazing couple of days here at The 2016 OPEN MINDS Technology & Informatics Institute and my head is… Read More

From iPods To Cloud Computing – 2001 To Now

Greetings from Washington, D.C.! As I prepared for tomorrow’s 2016 OPEN MINDS Technology & Informatics Institute, I came across some stats in a technology survey OPEN MINDS conducted in 2001.… Read More

Pyramid Healthcare Announces Qualifacts Partnership

Pyramid Healthcare, Inc. announced an agreement with Qualifacts, a provider of electronic medical records and revenue cycle management systems for behavioral healthcare providers. Pyramid Healthcare and its 5 subsidiary companies… Read More

Brain Training Reduces Dementia Risk By 48%

Computerized brain training focused on increasing older adults’ visual processing speed reduced the likelihood of developing dementia by up to 48%. The lower likelihood of dementia pertained to people participating in… Read More

Integration Is All About The ‘Flow’

“We can’t hire our way out of access problems.” I have been thinking about this quote by Dennis Freeman, Ph.D., chief executive officer for Cherokee Health Systems, from The 2016… Read More

Take The Neurotech Quiz

Take a moment away from thinking about the pressing issues of the day to think about the future of treatment for behavioral, cognitive, and neurological disorders. Here is a short quiz… Read More

Can Data Fix It?

 “The organizations that can make data sharing work with their payer and provider partners are organizations that will have a huge competitive advantage” (see Fixing The Data Sharing Problem). “Rapid management decisions are… Read More

Best Practice Online Marketing On A Budget!

Developing the essential elements for an online marketing strategy in today’s health and human service field has gone from “cutting edge” to “essential.” Why? In the age of the internet,… Read More

Mequon’s Idavatars Acquires CodeBaby

Mequon-based startup Intelligent Digital Avatars Inc. acquired CodeBaby Corp., a Colorado virtual assistant developer, in a stock transaction, and the companies have raised $2 million in operating capital. CodeBaby’s investors… Read More

Mindoula Health Acquires Care At Hand

Mindoula Health, a case management company focused on behavioral health, has bought Care at Hand. It will become a fully owned subsidiary of Mindoula, and Care at Hand co-founder and… Read More

IBM To Launch Watson Health Center In Italy

IBM will be launching a Watson Health data center in Italy, supporting the government of Italy’s initiative to establish an international hub for the advancement of genomics, big data, aging,… Read More

Solving For Engagement With Technology

Poor patient engagement is a well-known obstacle in the pursuit of better health care outcomes – an obstacle with mounting costs in our value-based market. The consumers who are actively… Read More