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Making VBR A Success: What Health Plans Can Do

 Adoption of value-based reimbursement (VBR) models is glacial—slow to occur but changing the delivery system in its wake. It’s an issue we’ve written about before — VBR @ Scale—Changes Required,… Read More

Suicide Awareness & Prevention

Dr. Nicole Meade discusses suicide awareness and prevention, a topic that is extremely important to our community. Dr. Meade examines suicide statistics and terminology, such as why the phrase “committed… Read More

The Four-Part Checklist For VBR Success

Many executive teams of specialty provider organizations are working to iron out preferred relationships with health plans – relationships that are most often anchored in some type of pay-for-performance or… Read More

Your Organization Is Ready For VBR When …

About 58% of specialty provider organizations are getting some revenue from value-based reimbursement agreements, and 9.3% have 20% or more of their revenue coming from VBR—a big change (see VBR @… Read More

VBR @ Scale—Changes Required

At the first day of a recent institute, attendees spent the day focused on all things metrics—performance-based compensation, prepping for value-based reimbursement (VBR), key performance indicators, performance optimization, and much… Read More

The Future Has Arrived For VBR

“I can’t think of a recent conversation at Anthem that didn’t include value-based care. But, we can’t do value-based payment on an island. All insurance companies are interested in discussing… Read More

Crawl, Walk, Run To VBR

Payers and health plans are pushing for reimbursement models that move away from fee-for-service and move to paying for “value.” At a recent institute, our health plan faculty members reiterated… Read More

Webinar Summary – Behavioral Health In The Era Of Value-Based Care: Improving Quality & Lowering Costs Through Population Health Management

This summary was developed utilizing the full recorded presentation of this webinar. You can access the full sourcing, polling results, recording, or presentation slides here: https://psychu.org/behavioral-health-in-the-era-of-value-based-care-improving-quality-lowering-costs-through-population-health-management/. On October 16, 2015,… Read More