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The Ramp Up To 988

We’re on the eve of launching a national “988” number for suicide prevention. In July 2022, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Lifeline) “988” dialing number will go live. Lifeline will… Read More

Planning For 988

Widespread concerns about suicide led to the passage of the National Suicide Hotline Designation Act in 2020, which will make “988” the nationwide suicide prevention hotline to support suicide and… Read More

Treatment Transformation Ahead

Greetings from lovely Clearwater Beach, Florida and the mhca winter conference. It’s been an interesting few days with lots of discussion with behavioral health organization executives from across the country.… Read More

Emergency Weary? Emergency Ready?

“If you stay ready you don’t have to get ready.” – Will Smith Does it seem that over the past few years there are just more “emergencies?” Front and center… Read More

The “Ideal” Health Home?

As we look ahead to 2022–with more integration and more value-based care, the question is how do specialty provider organizations “fit” in an evolving service delivery and financing landscape. We’ll… Read More

Treatment Adherence In Mental Health

A downloadable and shareable resource collating key information and resources available through PsychU.org that address the topic of treatment adherence in mental health. The areas addressed by the resource include,… Read More

Neurocircuitry Of Depression

During this webinar our speakers will begin with a brief overview of the history of neurocircuitry therapeutics. They will then introduce the core brain networks, and the current state of the… Read More

Peer Supports? There’s An App For That

A few new developments around peer supports have caught everyone’s attention. Not surprisingly, the pandemic has changed the role and the work of peer support specialists—and like all of health… Read More

NAMI: It’s Okay to Talk About Suicide

In this fact sheet “It’s Okay to Talk About SUICIDE,” created by The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), provides prevalence and high-risk population data on suicide in the United… Read More

Integrated Care Gets A Leg Up With Virtual First

Plugging into systems for integrated “whole person” care is increasingly an imperative for all provider organizations—whether they offer primary or specialty care and whether they provide digital, in-person, or hybrid… Read More

NAMI: Mental Health Care Matters

Mental health treatment-therapy, medication and self-care, have made recovery a reality for most people experiencing mental illness. Although taking the first steps can be confusing or difficult, it’s important to… Read More

Psychiatric Advance Directive Fact Sheet

This is a downloadable text document on Psychiatric Advance Directive (PAD). This material is expected to serve as an introductory resource for patients and caregivers on PAD. The goal is… Read More

Recovery-Oriented Perspective & Approach (ROPA)

Listen to Amica Simmons-Yon, PharmD, PhD, Jacquelyn Canning, PharmD, BCPP, and Hiten Patadia, PharmD as they spill the tea about this week’s hot topic: Recovery-Oriented Perspective & Approach (ROPA) with… Read More

Psychotherapies For Mood Disorders & Schizophrenia

In the last decades, psychotherapy has gained increasing acceptance as a major treatment option for mood disorders and schizophrenia. This presentation will review the American Psychiatric Association (APA) clinical practice… Read More

Mental Health Awareness Month 2021 Toolkit

Mental Health America (MHA) started Mental Health Month in 1949 to communicate the importance of mental health to overall health. MHA insights about the factors that lead to mental health for… Read More

National Certified Peer Specialists (NCPS)

Opportunities for peers to work in a variety of systems and settings to support individuals in achieving and maintaining recovery exist. This website, developed by Mental Health America (MHA) and… Read More

NAMI: You Are Not Alone

Million of people are affected by mental illness each year. Across the country, many people just like you work, perform, create, compete, laugh, love and inspire every day. The National… Read More

B4Stage4 – Where To Get Help

When you’ve decided to seek help for a possible mental health condition, knowing what resources are available and where to start can be tricky. This webpage, developed by Mental Health… Read More

COVID—What We Know Is A Moving Target

This week, we heard some good and bad news about COVID-19. On November 9, Pfizer announced that the vaccine it has developed with German drugmaker BioNTech may be more than… Read More

A Vicious Circle: Suicidality & Stigma

The irony is painful: Suicidal behavior is highly stigmatized, but stigma itself may increase suicidality. The complex, reciprocal relationship between the two is the focus of two recent journal articles:… Read More

Opioid Use & Suicidal Behaviors

Connections between opioid misuse and suicidal behaviors have been explored, but a team of researchers, led by Hillary Samples of the Department of Epidemiology at Columbia University’s Mailman School of… Read More

Suicide Awareness & Prevention

Dr. Nicole Meade discusses suicide awareness and prevention, a topic that is extremely important to our community. Dr. Meade examines suicide statistics and terminology, such as why the phrase “committed… Read More

Suicide Awareness & Prevention

Dr. Nicole Meade discusses suicide awareness and prevention, a topic that is extremely important to our community. Dr. Meade examines suicide statistics and terminology, such as why the phrase “committed… Read More

Suicide & Lyme & Associated Diseases

Key Messages Suicide is a major and potentially preventable public health concern. It is the result of an interaction between known and unknown contributors, deterrents, and acute triggers. Studies have… Read More

Suicide Awareness In Primary Care

In this short interview, Marla Moses, FNP, PMHNP, PsychU Primary Care Providers’ Corner Section Editor and Owner of IN Moses Mental Health in Indianapolis, IN, shared her perspective on suicide… Read More

Suicide Prevention App Unveiled By SAMHSA

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association (SAMHSA) unveiled a new app called Suicide Safe to help with suicide prevention. The app was unveiled at a briefing to discuss… Read More