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Impact Of Trauma On Women With Children

Pregnant women from marginalized communities are at high risk for problematic birth experiences due to historical trauma and exposure to racism and discrimination, the biological and psychosocial consequences of which… Read More

Lifespan Impact Of Racism-Related Stress

Research findings have suggested that early life stressful experiences-like racial discrimination have a lasting impact on biological risk for disease and premature mortality due to chronic diseases of aging.1 In… Read More

The Current State Of Women’s Mental Health

During this discussion, our panelists engage in a dialog reflecting on the research which underscores how women may be disproportionately affected by the current state as compared to men. They… Read More

K, So Where Does That Leave Us?

So, the Presidential debate September 29th, 2020 was full of surprises—no need to say more. But we learned a new term—the “K-shaped recovery.” The more we learned, the more it became obvious that… Read More


Data comparing hormone levels and the development of schizophrenia suggest there may be both neuroprotective and risk factors associated with different hormones. Additional studies could lead to new treatment options… Read More

Maternal Mood & Anxiety Disorders

This podcast features Dr. Lisa Weinstock, a reproductive and perinatal psychiatrist, discussing mood and anxiety disorders during pregnancy and in the postpartum period. As many as 15% of women experience… Read More

Sleep In Behavioral Health

In this podcast, Sana Johnson-Quijada, MD, highlights the importance of sleep in overall behavioral health and discusses goals for better sleep quality. Sleep impacts hormones and neurotransmitters. Implementing and maintaining… Read More

Webinar Summary – Gender Differences In Depression

This summary was developed utilizing the full recorded presentation of this webinar. You can access the full sourcing, polling results, recording, or presentation slides here: https://psychu.org/gender-differences-in-depression/. On March 7, 2019,… Read More

Mental Health Screening Tools

This webpage, developed by Mental Health America (MHA), includes Mental Health Screening Tools for individuals to answer to determine if they are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition. Read… Read More