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Agitation Associated With Alzheimer’s Dementia (AAD) In The Long-Term Care (LTC) Setting: An Introduction To The Agitation In Alzheimer’s Screener For Caregivers (AASCTM)

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Agitation Associated With Alzheimer’s Dementia (AAD) In The Long-Term Care (LTC) Setting: An Introduction To The Agitation In Alzheimer’s Screener For Caregivers (AASCTM)

This webinar will describe how agitation associated with Alzheimer’s dementia (AAD) can manifest within the long-term care (LTC) setting and the burden that AAD can pose to both residents and caregivers. Presenters will discuss current approaches to recognizing and documenting AAD in the LTC setting, as well as potential challenges faced by nursing home caregivers. The Agitation in Alzheimer’s Screener for Caregivers (AASCTM) will be introduced as a potential tool for the identification and documentation of agitation in LTC residents with Alzheimer’s dementia.



Manju Beier, PharmD, BCGP, FASCP

President & Founder, Geriatric Consultant Resources, LLC; Adjunct Associate Professor of Pharmacy at the University of Michigan

Dr. Manju T. Beier is President and founder of Geriatric Consultant Resources LLC, a firm established in 1995 to provide clinical expertise in the field of geriatric pharmacotherapy and clinical pharmacology to geriatrics professional organizations and health care plans. She has extensive experience targeting complex polypharmacy issues and addressing medication management in older adults.

Previously, Dr. Beier was Chief Scientific Officer for a molecular diagnostics company based out of Renton, WA. This position recognized her success as one of the pioneers in the profession of pharmacy for pharmacogenomics research and education.

She holds an academic appointment as Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor of Pharmacy at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan since 2000. She is currently a Board-Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (BCGP) until 2028.

Dr. Beier has been serving on the national Epocrates Senior Clinical Board since 2011 as the only pharmacist with expertise in geriatrics. Her combined expertise in geriatrics, drug-drug and drug-gene interactions make her uniquely qualified in the domains of personalized medicine, pharmacogenomics, and mitigating polypharmacy.

Dr. Beier received her B.S. Pharmacy and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah. She also holds a B.S. degree in Foods and Nutrition from Lady Irwin College, New Delhi, India.

Dr. Beier has given numerous seminars and workshops spanning the last 30 years addressing geriatric pharmacotherapy, particularly psychopharmacology, pain management, Alzheimer’s Disease, cardiovascular therapeutics, and the unique medication-related problems of older adults on a local, state, national, and international level. She has also served on national P&T Committees as an independent member and reviewer.

Dr. Beier is widely published in peer-reviewed journals. She currently serves on the editorial advisory board of several journals related to geriatrics and aging including Journal of the American Medical Directors Association (JAMDA), and The Senior Care Pharmacist.

Dr. Beier is actively involved with the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) including serving two terms on the Board of Directors. She recently completed her tenure as chair of Deprescribing Task Force for ASCP (2018-2022) and was the chair/lead developer of Choosing Wisely Statements published online May 2021 and June 2022.

Dr. Beier was elected chair of the ASCP Foundation 2018-2020. She also co-chaired the ASCP Field Guide to Reduce Medication Burden During COVID-19.

She belongs to several other national professional associations including American Medical Directors Association (AMDA), and College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists (CPNP).

Dr. Beier served as an expert panel national member for the 2003 Beers Criteria for Potentially Inappropriate Drugs in the Elderly.

She is the recipient of several national pharmacy awards including being the 2006 recipient of the prestigious George F. Archambault Award conferred by ASCP which is the Society’s highest honor. In 2012, she received the Richard S. Berman Service Award for outstanding service and dedication to ASCP.

In November 2020, she was recognized as the recipient of the Women’s Spotlight Award by ASCP that recognizes a female pharmacist for her outstanding contributions to senior care pharmacy and the mission of ASCP.

Jennifer Simmoneau, PhD (OPDC)

Senior Long-Term Care Medical Science Liaison, Medical Affairs

Speaker Manju Beier is a paid consultant of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc. (OPDC)
Speaker Jennifer Simmoneau, PhD is a paid consultant of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc. (OPDC)


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