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Clinical Consistency, It Matters

Clinical “consistency” is a key quality issue. Defined as “treating similar conditions in a similar manner,” organizations with clinical consistency reduce variability, are more likely to improve consumer health, produce… Read More

Planning For 10.1%

Last week, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released new estimates quantifying the extent to which the “unwinding” of COVID Medicaid eligibility and Marketplace subsidy policies will affect Americans’ health care… Read More

Be Careful What You Ask For

Our most recent analysis, U.S. Behavioral Health Spending: A 2023 OPEN MINDS Market Intelligence Report, found that behavioral health spending has increased—a lot—over the past decade. At $329 billion in 2022, there has… Read More

Demographics Are Destiny

Another milestone. Enrollment in Medicare Advantage surpassed traditional Medicare for the first time. As of January, 2023, 30.19 million of the 59.82 million people eligible for Medicare were enrolled in… Read More