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Taking care of the mental health care needs of your patients can be overwhelming. PsychU understands the complexity of care your patients need and the challenges you may face addressing mental health in the primary care setting. Knowing this, the Primary Care Provider Corner was filled with relevant tips, healthcare community best practices, and insights just for you.

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Let’s Talk About Inclusive Healthcare For The LGBTQIA+ Community

Let’s Talk About Inclusive Healthcare For The LGBTQIA+ Community

Join PsychU to celebrate and raise awareness of LGBT History Month in October! In the US, 4.5-12% adults identify as LGBTQ1,2 and only 16% of US academic healthcare practices reported having comprehensive LGBT training3. Healthcare providers will increasingly encounter LGBTQIA+ individuals and creating an inclusive environment is essential for providing quality healthcare….
Hot Topics: Clinical Questions In Bipolar Disorder (Part 9)

Hot Topics: Clinical Questions In Bipolar Disorder (Part 9)

Drs. Mauricio Tohen and Joseph Goldberg will address current and relevant clinical questions relating to bipolar disorder. These questions and Dr. Tohen’s and Dr. Goldberg’s responses will be recorded and released as short videos every month. Mauricio Tohen, MD, DrPH, MBA is a paid consultant of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development…

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Request a free educational program for your organization or region today! These customizable PsychU presentations are available both online and in-person, and cover a range of topics including: schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, care coordination, quality standards, and more.

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